Weary travellers, a community boost, and a concierge who’s never too busy

Roshan Patel was the owner of a newly refurbished Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Davis, California, complete with a brand new 42-inch touchscreen display screen in the lobby.

People arriving at the hotel were often tired and hungry after being on the road and in need of some of R&R. His idea was to provide a virtual concierge – something that could help guests find somewhere to eat, grab a drink or find something to do near his hotel without any stress or fuss.

It wouldn’t matter the time of day, or how busy staff were, or how well they knew the area. It wouldn’t drain phones’ batteries while customers fiddled with GPS or require them to sign into WiFi.

This was about making a one-stop info point that would make it easier for people have a great trip. Because, let’s face it, where you stay is only part of what you remember when you visit somewhere new: people remember relaxing and having fun.

What’s more, when you’re proud of your community, you want to show it off. Roshan’s idea would benefit everyone: his customers, local businesses, and his brand.


Because we conduct our meetings online, we were able to get the ball rolling quickly.

Roshan had some great, clear ideas. He’d seen another hotel do something similar and was able to show us the kind of look he wanted to achieve.


What he needed us to do was to adapt and customise this kind of interface to better suit his objective. Using photos and information from the Davis area, our job was to make something that people would find easy to use, and that would result in some great days and nights out.

We agreed on the content:

  • Date and timeWeather forecast
  • News (headline news RSS from USA Today)
  • Stock values
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Things to do (local attractions)
  • Hotel details

Then we were good to go.


Within one week, we’d prepared a draft layout for Roshan to look over.

By talking through what worked for him and what didn’t, we found out what needed to change and had sent new versions within the same day.

Rounded-edges became square; pictures became icons, and by providing a couple of different variations to choose from, Roshan was able to pick his favourite.






A couple more minor tweaks and we were there. Roshan was able to have his screen up and running almost instantly, and left us with a glowing endorsement, saying he’d be keen to recommend our service.

Now, where shall we go for dinner to celebrate?

Contact us today and we can help you too.

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