Twitter walls, cunning disguises, and an unforgettable business exhibition

Natasha Money is the co-founder of Targetin1, who provide a range of exhibition and event print services. We met at a networking meeting at what proved to be the perfect time. Natasha was busy organising an exhibition for local businesses in Dorking – the Target Business Expo – and was in need of a way to encourage exhibitors and delegates to join in and enjoy the day through social media.

A week later, we met with Natasha and her business partner Mark at the exhibition venue, Dorking Halls – a much-loved community and entertainment venue dating from the 1930s.

We discovered that we had two, giant cinema screens to work with. The next step was working out what to do with them.


We walked the floor, chatted about their plans, and discussed what we all thought would make a difference to the event, before coming up with a set of objectives and solutions:

  • To improve communication, using real-time announcements
  • To get everyone there interacting and engaging through Twitter and Instagram feeds
  • To promote sponsors and featured exhibitors through well-placed ads
  • To gather feedback on the spot, with questions for the audience
  • To support seminars and workshops, providing the programme agenda and details of each seminar

We started drafting out a layout together, there and then.


Three weeks before the event, I met again with the technical folk at Dorking Halls. We made sure we’d have the internet connection and speed we’d need to pull real-time data from Twitter and Instagram, and checked and adjusted the visual layout based on the venue screen resolutions. A few adjustments and it looked perfect.

twitter-wall-event-1 twitter-wall-event-2

We reckoned that a good way to increase people’s willingness to appear in and post photos might be to provide some props. Not everyone loves having their picture taken but give people a false moustache or some silly glasses and people tend to lose their inhibitions quickly.

With Mark’s approval, we prepared something a little special ahead of the day, and then came along to the exhibition to put our photo prop kit to good use. Wandering round with our props and our smartphones, we were able to add a stream of memorable images to the live Instagram feed appearing on the mega screens.


Everyone had a great time; us included. Seeing our pictures on the screen encouraged others to post their own content, and soon we had a busy stream of images and comments.

“I so loved your Twitter wall at the Dorking expo - all my team loved seeing our tweets and mentions up on the large screen. It was a superb way to showcase the expertise in the room and to get engagement. We also loved the photo props – they made everyone exhibiting relax and have some fun!” - Rebecca Newenham, Get Ahead VA


The results made it all worthwhile.

  • Our potential social media audience reach was >92K people
  • Almost 100 Twitter accounts interacted
  • We received a 97% positive sentiment

    After the expo, I met again with Natasha and Mark to hear their feedback:

    “We have recently collaborated with Javier for one of our events and have been extremely impressed with the service. If you are looking for an innovative, interactive solution, look no further. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with his company, SMARTplayds, for future events.”

    Fancy doing something similar? It would be a piece of cake to adapt this idea for your event.

    Hey, we can even provide the moustaches.

    Contact us today and let's get started.

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