Social networks, saints and senior citizens. All in one project? That’s right.

The Sanyres Group in Spain are hugely respected in their industry, managing residences for older people to create welcoming, safe, exemplary environments that feel like home.

Their service-users vary in their levels of dependency and their health and social needs, and so Sanyres residences cover a broad spectrum of care. High-dependency, comprehensive and specialised services run alongside programmes designed to offer older folk a bit of spice and adventure, with their Senior Resorts perfect for anyone wishing to make the most of their retirement.

Their ethos is one I think we could all get behind. Our seniors deserve the opportunity to engage with and enjoy modern life, to feel respected, well cared-for, and to have some fun.


Two of Sanyres’s strongest values are communication and transparency. Visual, honest information is seen as vital, and they always share the results of their customer satisfaction surveys on their website. They also use technology innovatively, with a big emphasis on social media as a way to get their residents engaged with tech and their wider community.

The Sanyres Group approached us with the simple aim to enhance communication in their centres. They already had a visual system in place that showed static videos, but it was time to do more.

They wanted to expand on and make better use of the great content and interaction they were generating through social media, and open up the flexibility to try new things.


We quickly worked up a layout and prepared a demo. They were impressed, but after exploring what it could do, the question came up: was it possible to integrate TV into the display?

Not the easiest undertaking, but after some head scratching we came up with a solution: code that checked and displayed updates to the Spanish TV website via their RSS channels.

And that’s where the saints come in. Because if a TV RSS feed is possible, why not a Saint of the Day? A Saints Calendar on the interface meant everyone could follow and celebrate the seasonal Saints’ Days. Because we’re not all interested in celebrity gossip, are we? Knowing your audience well has never been more important.


A few tweaks to the layout to incorporate the new changes, and the service was ready to go. We’re happy to report that it’s now been rolled out through their centres.

Contact us today and give your audience a new reason to join in.

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