Social Media takes events to the next level 💬

Social Media in events is becoming a must. We talked with Becky Ladley, founder of Social Quirk, a Social Media marketing consultancy based in Surrey to find out more.

Q: How are you Becky?

I'm doing great thanks!

Q: Tell us more about you, who are you and what you do?

Well I run my own social media marketing consultancy called Social Quirk. We work with small businesses to help them start using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, and to ensure they set goals and use the platforms strategically rather than haphazardly.

Q: What have you been up to recently?

It's been a very busy few months for us! A big part of our client base is events, and we've just had three in a very short time period: the launch event for a hospital research project, a leadership development event live streamed from America, and the best business exhibition in Woking, Woking Means Business. Besides that, Social Quirk has just had its third birthday and we are shortly moving into a new office, so things are getting more and more exciting recently!

talking about Woking Means Business...

Q: How was it?

Amazing! It's my third year being involved in the event, and it just seems to get better every year. I coordinate a section of the event called Ask The Experts (short 1-2-1 meetings between start ups and business advisors), which kept me busy, so I didn't have a huge amount of time to wander around, but I definitely met a few great new people and had some very useful conversations.

Q: Why social media is a must for an event like this?

Social media takes events to the next level. Rather than being confined to talking to the people around you on the day of the event, you can engage with as many people as you like, before, during and afterwards. Exhibitors can build anticipation for the offers and competitions taking place on their stands, visitors can inform their friends about the event and arrange to meet people there, speakers can drum up interest in their seminars, and organisers can convey information about the event and respond to enquiries. It literally touches every part of an event.

Q: What about the social media walls? How do they help you?

Social media walls encourage event attendees to really get involved with the event social media - it seems to make it much more tangible. People get a real buzz out of seeing their tweets appear on the big screens. It also gives our exhibitors another medium to advertise on, giving them added value for the show.

Q: What make SMARTplayds walls different?

SMARTplayds walls look great - they're designed specifically for each event, meaning you can feature any sponsors, hashtags or info you like. They are fully multimedia so it's not just text: photos and videos look fantastic on them too. The moderation of tweets is great because it means you can filter out any irrelevant or abusive content. And Javier is awesome too - he takes tons of photos and videos around the event and adds to the amount of content that goes up on them.

Q: How is working with us? Would you recommend us?

Absolutely - I'd sometimes hesitated about Twitter walls in the past, but SMARTplayds just make it so easy to add a visual social media element to your event!

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